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Welding sleeves are part of an alternative option to a full welding jacket. They’re usually worn with aprons, gloves, and all the other necessary PPE. Welding sleeves are strong, fireproofed fabric that cover from the wrist to the shoulder. Some welding sleeves, called welding gauntlets, will also have built-in glove portions. The material can vary from lighter fireproofed fabrics to heavy suede and leather. Welding sleeves are good for jobs that need more arm movement, since shoulders aren’t restricted.


Aprons offer good protective coverage for at-risk parts of the torso. Combined with welding sleeves, arms will stay protected, but offer a freer range of motion than full welding jackets. Aprons have the added advantage of extending coverage without the need for a full suit-up. Aprons will typically be made of more resistant, sturdier materials than jackets. The open back means mobility is not restricted. Aprons also often have useful utility pocket



  • AWS: A5.10 ER 4043
  • EN ISO 18273-S AL4043(AL Si 5)
  • BS: 2901 4043A, (NG21)


  • AWS: A5.10 ER 4043
  • EN ISO 18273-S AL4043(AL Si 5)
  • BS: 2901 4043A, (NG21)

Manufacturer's Approvals: DB CE ABS AWS 

  • Yamato Oxygen (O2) regulator able to measure output of 0-350kg or 0-25psi 
  • Yamato Oxygen (O2) regulator able to measure inlet of 0-5000KG or 0-350psi
  • do  not need oil to operate 
  • Argon Gas For Welding TIG Welding & MIG Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Welding
  • Capacity 10L Tank
  • Include Fully Argon Gas Inside Tank



  1. 1/8" Nozzle Size = 175 - 300mm Plate Thickness
  2. 1/16" Nozzle Size = 20 - 75mm Plate Thickness
  3. 1/32" Nozzle Size = 3 - 6mm Plate Thickness
  4. 3/32" Nozzle Size = 125 - 175mm Plate Thickness
  5. 3/64" Nozzle Size = 6 - 20mm Plate Thickness
  6. 5/64" Nozzle Size = 75 - 125mm Plate Thickness

Co2 Gas For MIG Welding

10L Capacity

Tank Fully Co2(MIG) Gas Inside


1)PNME 1/32      4 – 6mm

2) PNME 3/64     6 – 12mm

3)PNME 1/16      12 – 75mm

4)PNME 3/32      100-150mm